Bob’s Burgers win 2 more seasons on FOX


FOX continues to invest in the success of animation comedies. Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers have been renewed for two more seasons each. Last year, The Simpsons also won another 2 years.

“Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers are the main pillars of our broadcaster’s success. Both renewals reaffirm our commitment to animation and enable us to continue building our leadership with new and distinct comedies,” said Michael Thorn, president of entertainment at FOX in an interview with Variety.

Thorn also stressed the importance of comedies: “By taking the genre to new heights and boosting pop culture in significant ways, they created the foundation to make Animation Domination [prime time when these series are shown on the broadcaster] one of the blocks of most powerful programs on all television. ”

Bob’s Burgers heads into season 13 with the creation and executive production of Loren Bouchard and Jim Dauterive. A Family Guy goes to the 20th season, created by Seth McFarlane, who is also the executive producer.


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