Bob’s Burgers Video Recreates Dialogue Using Songs from Spotify Playlist


Tina Belcher’s awkward first attempt to get behind the wheel has been remade into a fun Spotify playlist on Bob’s Burgers. This popular animated series tells about the daily life of the Belcher family. This family of five is constantly in trouble: parents Bob and Linda run the family restaurant, and the children — Tina, Louise and Jean — often face problems at school. Thanks to such a popular show as Bob’s Burgers, countless clips appear on social networks, which are instantly recognized in the series due to its unique comedic style and qualified cast.

One of the most popular sound snippets from Bob’s Burgers appears in the 7th episode of the 3rd season “Tina-Rannosaurus”. Tina is given the opportunity to ride in her father’s car after a successful shopping trip. Since this is usually an exciting, albeit frightening experience for novice drivers, Tina quickly becomes depressed, even under the guidance of her father. Tina’s characteristic anxiety grows, emphasizing her nervousness when she gets behind the wheel. Despite the almost empty parking lot, Tina manages to drive straight into the back of the only other car in sight.

Using a script from the episode, a Spotify playlist was created, which was posted on Bob’s Burgers’ official Instagram. It’s part of a popular social media trend where fans recreate their favorite scenes from TV shows and movies with Spotify playlists. This playlist uses song titles to recreate the dialogue of the “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks” clip, resulting in a 5-hour, 29-minute playlist. A screen recording of this was posted on the show’s social media, attached to an audio recording of Tina’s first time driving from above as the video scrolls down the playlist.

It’s been more than 12 years since Bob’s Burgers first aired, and the series has enjoyed huge success, having accumulated a large number of fans during this time. The talented cast helped form the lovely Belcher family, consisting of X. John Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman. The constant support of this animated series has contributed to its long-running release, consisting of 12 seasons and a recent cinematic debut.

Now the 13th season of “Bob’s Burgers” is approaching, and fans don’t seem to be tired of the series yet. Despite all the new Bob’s Burgers content available, the old episodes are not overshadowed, as viewers clearly still cherish them. This has become obvious, because decades after the clip of Tina’s anxiety-riddled attempt to get behind the wheel first aired, it still hasn’t lost its charm, and fans are still finding inventive ways to interact with Bob’s Burgers.