Bob’s Burgers: The 10 Best Bob Belcher Quotes


Recently, the movie “Bob’s Burgers” was released, in which all the funny characters got on the big screen. The film was eagerly awaited by fans who followed the series throughout the series. Nevertheless, “Bob’s Burgers” started slowly, but quickly became one of the most popular animated series on the air. His humor and characters are much more progressive than his cousins like The Simpsons and Family Guy. With his real family situations, he feels like the successor of the King of the Mountain.

And in that spirit, meek dad Bob Belcher is Hank Hill’s successor. With his mundane interests and desperate need for his children’s approval, Bob looks more like a real dad than the likes of Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin. This is the future of TV dads—and real dads. So here are Bob Belcher’s top 10 quotes.

Bob Belcher On affectionate nicknames
“I love you, cutie. Sorry, I’ll come up with something better than “cutie.” You are my angel… dust. Sorry, it’s a drug. I’ll go.”

In many ways, Bob is just as awkward in communication as Tina, one of the best characters in Bob’s Burgers. Here he’s just trying to say something nice to Louise and maybe come up with a charming nickname to call her.

But he stumbles on several, realizing first that “cutie pie” is too general, and then that “angel dust” is the name of the drug. One thing no one can accuse him of is that he doesn’t try. Of course, he tries to be a good father and establish contact with his children, but it’s difficult. He’s doing his best.

Bob Belcher on the moments from the wish list
“Linda, Torpedo Jones said he liked my burger! I want it on my tombstone. Seriously, yes.”

Although “Bob’s Burgers” (one of the best animated series currently being broadcast) it is not necessarily a sports show, and Bob does not often show himself as a sports fan, he idolizes Torpedo Jones, a baseball player who plays for a local team. Wonder Wharf Wonderdogs.

Torpedo Jones is like a hero to Bob, so when he praises his burger, it’s one of the greatest moments in Bob’s life. The first thing he thinks about is that it is so important that he wants it to be engraved on a stone that will forever perpetuate the memory of his life.

Bob Belcher on Borders
“My crotch itches.” “Good. Are you telling me this as my daughter or as my grill chef? Because my grill chef would never tell me that. Besides, my daughter probably shouldn’t say anything like that to me.”

Lauren Bouchard originally conceived “Bob’s Burgers” so he could make a family show, which was also a workplace comedy that turned out to be one of the cartoon restaurants that people would like them to be real.

That’s why he created a show about a workplace where owner parents hire their children as janitors and grill cooks. This phrase is from the pilot episode “Human Flesh”, when this dynamic was just emerging among the characters of the show.

Bob Belcher in the series “Hawk and Chicken”
“Listen, what happened to Hawk and Chick will never happen to us. This Hawk and this Chicken will never stop talking for thirty years.”

Bob has something in common with all his children, and thanks to this, he has a unique relationship with each of them. Louise may be one of the most venomous characters in Bob’s Burgers, but Bob’s relationship with her is based on their shared love of the Hawk & Chick monster samurai movie franchise. Therefore, when they have the opportunity to meet with the actors of the main roles — a real father and daughter — they are delighted.

But they are disappointed that the real Hawk and Chicken have broken up. Louise fears that this could happen to her and Bob, so he assures her that in this sweet moment it will never happen.

Bob Belcher on Louise’s bribery
— What should we do, Lin? Bribe her to get the stuffing? “Bribe Louise? We don’t have that kind of money.”

Bob and Linda may be the two best characters in Bob’s Burgers, but their only drawback as parents is that they have raised children who have become so strong, confident and empowered that they can no longer control them.

Louise is smart, cunning, duplicitous and, by all accounts, brilliant. But because of this, she knows how to manipulate her parents. She knows how much money they have, and she knows how much they can squeeze out of it. And she definitely doesn’t want to get that stuffing. It hurts!

Bob Belcher at dinner at the theater
“It’s not a dinner, and it’s not a theater. It’s like artificial cheese in the theater.”

Although his business is not going well, Bob knows that he cooks good food and has a great restaurant, so he can be quite short-tempered and judgmental when it comes to other people’s methods of serving food, especially at a theater dinner.

He doesn’t even talk about the plastic cheese substance that is sometimes added to barbecue burgers. He talks about “imitation cheeses,” orange-coated cheeses such as Cheez Whiz, which come in cans and taste like cheese but are laced with dangerous chemicals.