Bobby Kotick Will Earn $290 Million If He Leaves Activision Blizzard


Bobby Kotick: The news that Microsoft is buying Activision Blizzard took everyone by surprise yesterday, and also raised some questions about the fate of Bobby Kotick, the CEO who is at the center of justice investigations into the company’s troubled work culture. Activision Blizzard.

As the deal is not expected to be completed until the middle of next year – and only then will Phil Spencer have more direct power, acting as CEO of Microsoft Gaming -. it is not possible for Microsoft to directly remove Bobby from office at this time.

And even after that, it’s also not entirely guaranteed that he will lose his job, as his current contract has some very problematic fine print, such as the over $292 million that would need to be paid in fine to Bobby in the event of termination:

This could be a serious impediment to his departure, but some strong rumors claim that all parties have already agreed to the breakup anyway. According to sources heard by the Wall Street Journal, “the companies have agreed to his departure once the deal is closed”:

If you want to see the glass as half full, Bobby’s departure seems likely in 2023, which could help inspire changes in Activision Blizzard’s corporate culture from the top down. On the other hand, he will certainly come out of this deal even richer than he entered, profiting both from the deal itself and from the subsequent contractual fine.

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