Bob Odenkirk is Admitted After Collapsing On Set of Better Call Saul


Bob Odenkirk suddenly passed out during the recording of the new season of Better Call Saul in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. So far, the 58-year-old actor’s health status is uncertain: according to the first information, released by the TMZ website, he was referred to a hospital, but no medical report has yet been released.

The actor and comedian would have been sick around 11:30 am local time. Odenkirk became ill while filming scenes outside Sony’s studios, and an ambulance was called to take him from the parking lot to a nearby hospital.

Bob Odenkirk is one of the stars of Breaking Bad — a series in which he plays lawyer Saul Goodman, who currently owns his own spin-off. Better Call Saul tells of the beginnings of the lawyer’s career, when he had not yet assumed his successful professional name: he was Jimmy McGill, known as “Slipping Jimmy”, or Jimmy Soap—and he lived in conflict with his brother.

Odenkirk has been playing lawyer Saul Goodman for over a decade. Better Call Saul is currently filming its 6th season, which will be the last of the series.

When the public first met Saul, he was an unorthodox but successful criminal defense attorney who became involved in the web of lies, violence and chaos that followed Walter White (Bryan Cranston) wherever he went. The premise of Better Call Saul is to explain how Jimmy McGill — a low-offensive criminal — turned into Saul Goodman.

Odenkirk has earned four Golden Globe nominations for best actor in a television drama series and four Emmy nominations for lead actor in a drama series. AMC is developing Slippin’ Jimmy, an animation based on Better Call Saul that revolves around brothers Jimmy and Chuck McGill (Michael McKean). It remains to be seen whether Odenkirk and McKean will double the attraction.

Recording studio representatives have yet to comment on the episode with Odenkirk.


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