Bob Dylan is Accused of Sexual Abuse; Case Would Have Happened in 1965


A woman accuses Bob Dylan of sexually abusing her in 1965. At the time, the woman, identified only as “JC”, was 12 years old, as she alleges in the lawsuit filed in the New York State Supreme Court last Friday (13) .

The text of the lawsuit states that the musician supplied the young woman with drugs and alcohol to then rape her and threatened her with physical violence if she told someone something. According to the prosecution, this would have occurred over six weeks between April and May 1965 and would have left the young woman “with emotional and psychological sequelae that persist to this day.”

The woman also claims that Dylan, then 24, seduced her and created an emotional connection to attract the young woman. The technique, known as grooming, was reportedly used by the musician to convince her to go to her apartment at the Chelsea Hotel, where he was working on the lyrics for his seventh studio album, Blonde on Blonde.

The other side

A Dylan spokesperson submitted the following statement, stating that the accusation is false and that the musician’s lawyers will “work vigorously to defend him”. The defense claims that, according to the musician’s schedule, between March and April 1965, Dylan was touring with singer Joan Baez and then they would have left for the UK, where they stayed until May 10th.