BoA’s Comment About The Low Number of Views of The GOT “Stamp On It” Clip Becomes a Hot Topic


In a recent GOT the beat video, BoA became a hot topic after her shocking comment about watching the clip “Stamp On It”.

BoA’s remark about watching the clip for “Stamp On It” was criticized — that’s why

On January 22, GOT the beat BoA became the center of criticism after she said about their latest release “Stamp On It”.

In particular, on the 16th, SM Entertainment announced the return of the female group “Avenger” GOT the beat with their first mini-album “Stamp On It” and the title track of the same name, previously released on January 1 in the concert “SMTOWN LIVE 2023: SMCU [email protected]”.

Since then, the band has promoted the album and song by appearing on various music shows and award ceremonies, such as “M Countdown”, which aired on January 19.

On January 21, the aforementioned music show uploaded participants’ funkams containing behind-the-scenes footage during filming.

However, among the videos, BoA, the senior member of the group, attracted huge attention with his funky content.

At first, the idol greeted Jumping BoA, her fandom, who was present at the recording, and thanked them for taking the time to come.

However, when she started promoting GOT the beat, one of her statements was not liked by Internet users. She said:

“That’s it, the number of views of the clip is not as large as I thought. Please watch it more often. Happy Lunar New Year”.

In the clip, it is noticeable that BoA is only teasing his supporters, and offline viewers are filled with laughter along with the participants.

However, netizens who saw the video complained about it, stating:

  • “Well, maybe if the song is good.”
  • “Why do you think we don’t want to watch it?
  • ” I’m surprised she actually said that.”

Then fans and netizens said that MV has few views, noting that the lyrics and melodies of the new song “Stamp On It” are disappointing. Unlike their first digital single “Step Back” released last year, their new song has not won the hearts of the current generation.

People express discomfort after BoA’s remark about the middle age of the bit

Another remark BoA made that caused discomfort to fans was that she accidentally blurted out GOT the average age of the bit.

“If we sum up all our years of promotion, we will be 70 years old, so we are considered big old people (in the music industry).”

Taeyong and Hyeon objected that it was not so bad, and the latter even said that it was not visible from their appearance, and began to behave nicely.

However , BoA jokingly called He and said:

“Why are you trying to be nice?”

Observing the atmosphere, the participants who made friends during the promotion during the year were just joking, given the wave of laughter.

But there are netizens who criticized BoA for spoiling the mood and not being able to read the number. According to some Internet users, it is clear that the younger participants, including Wendy and Taeyong, also felt awkward and surprised by her words, but they still tried to laugh it off.

People continued to claim that BoA was used to promoting solo; thus her attitude, and urged SM to disband the group and continue the Girls On Top (GOT) member rotation system.

What do you think about it?

Meanwhile, GOT the Beat debuted their single “Step Back” in January last year. When they were introduced, the supergirl group immediately attracted the attention of many fans, as such stars of SM Entertainment’s female groups as BoA, Taeyong and Hyeon from Girls’ Generation, Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet, Karina and Winter got together.


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