Bo Cruz’s Tree Tattoo In Hustle Is Even Deeper Than You Think


Attention: spoilers for Hustle are ahead.

Bo Cruz’s new tree tattoo in the Hustle finale is even deeper than the audience could initially imagine. Starring Adam Sandler as NBA Scout Stanley Sugerman. His life changes when he puts all his efforts into believing in the talent of an undiscovered international promising player. Bo Cruz (Juancho Hernangomes) has been training with Stanley for months to prepare for the NBA draft and get a chance to leave behind a hard life full of pain and legal problems.

Throughout Hustle, the film makes it absolutely clear what kind of person Bo is and what he values. His relationship with his mother and daughter is the most important for him, which is obvious thanks to his numerous tattoos. Beau Cruz has most of his chest and right arm covered in tattoos that have a special connection to the two most important women in his life. That hasn’t changed even after the Boston Celtics drafted Bo Cruz at the end of Hustle, which includes the unveiling of his latest body art piece.

It is during the reunion of Bo and Stanley before the Philadelphia Seven Sixers and Boston Celtics games that Hustle discovers a new tattoo in the form of a tree. There are three key aspects of the importance of tattooing: tree, words and place. The tree is a reference to Bo’s mother, who earlier in the film called him her “roble”, which means “strong oak”. This is not a reference to Bo’s immense physical strength, but rather his unwavering support and leadership in the family. Above Bo Cruz’s tree tattoo is written “Never Give up,” which Stanley regularly told Bo to motivate him during workouts. Now he has a constant reminder to fight and help his family.

The placement of Bo Cruise’s tree tattoo in the finale of the Hustle film ties the design elements of the artwork together in a truly meaningful way. This is Bo’s only tattoo on his left arm. Earlier in the film, Stanley’s daughter asked if he had tattoos for his father, but he replied that his left arm was bare for him. Earlier, Hustle pointed out that Bo Cruz’s father left the family, to which Bo was clearly indignant, and left him without a real father. Bo Cruz’s tree tattoo on his left arm shows how he sees Stanley’s role in his life.

If it wasn’t clear enough based on their interaction, Hustle uses Bo Cruz’s tattoo to prove that Stanley and Bo are much more than a scout and a promising player, coach and player, or mentor and ward. Beau Cruz clearly thinks of Stanley Sugerman as the father he never had. He even uses Stanley’s number on a college T-shirt, 22, in the NBA. Although Adam Sandler’s character doesn’t have a similar tattoo to show how close they are, there’s no doubt that after Hustle, he considers Bo his family.