Bo Burnham’s 10 Best Songs: The Inside Outtakes


Exactly one year after the release of his special comedy “Inside”, inspired by the pandemic, Bo Burnham pleased fans with an edited collection of all the songs and sketches that were not included in the final version. And given the quality of the music and comedy in The Inside Outtakes, it’s shocking that some of these songs weren’t deemed good enough for the final version.

As in the original special, “The Inside Outtakes” is largely comedic due to its unpredictability — many of the songs are so uniquely bizarre and random that it’s impossible not to laugh, especially with Bo’s entertaining vocals and extremely creative approach to music.

Feel good

‘Feel Good’ is probably one of the most memorable songs on this album, and the way Bo uses his own backing vocals to enhance the track is really impressive. The texts are repeated enough to get stuck in the minds of listeners, but at the same time they do not seem simple or boring, which is the perfect balance.

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“Feel Good” may not be the most difficult or musically impressive song from outtakes, but its duration is just under 45 seconds, and it does exactly what you need and does not delay its greeting. It also includes one of Bo’s cleanest and most authentic vocals on the album.

Bezos IV

Bo’s sarcastic songwriting style is most obvious and effective in “Bezos IV”, where an incredibly simple but catchy melody is used to draw attention to the clever and witty lyrics of the song. The central text of the song: “Do you need 180 billion different reasons why I’m going with Jeffrey?” contrasts so strongly with the general tone of the music that it is impossible not to smile at least.

The songs of “Bezos” are one of the best jokes in all of Bo Burnham’s comedy shows, so many fans will be glad to know that it continues just as much in this collection of excerpts. Although it may seem that the joke is exhausted, different musical styles make it fresh and new.


Many of Bo’s best comedies come out of the blue, and that’s why “Biden” works so perfectly. In addition to the timely and up-to-date content of the lyrics, the way the song slowly transitions into this text will surely catch the audience by surprise.

Bo’s comedy often has a political background, but it’s amazing to see his song that doesn’t touch on the topic, using hidden sarcasm and irony. Although he doesn’t really say anything too controversial in the song, it’s still easy to take her irreconcilable lyrics by surprise.

This is not a joke

Featuring some of Bo’s best lyrics and music usage at the moment, it’s hard to imagine why “It’s Not a Joke” didn’t make it into the final version of “Inside.” Perhaps it was considered too similar to some existing special edition music, with the same synthetic notes and distorted vocals as songs like “All Eyes On Me”.

The intimate cinematography of this song also adds a lot of experience as Bo starts talking about his appearance, including his unique birthmark, which he explains with some hilarious openness. This extended close-up also really highlights the power of Beau Burnham’s comedic performance in “Inside.”

Popcorn in the microwave

The way Bo Burnham tells stories through his music is so unique and fascinating, which is perfectly shown in his new song “Microwave Popcorn”. It’s incredibly simple—a literal narration of one person’s experience in making microwave popcorn— but he manages to turn it into something listeners can easily listen to on repeat.

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Few comedians can turn something as mundane as microwave popcorn into such a memorable piece of music, but he does it very effectively. It has an incredibly catchy hook, really well-produced music and a fun set of backing vocals.


Although it is one of the shortest songs in the excerpts, there is something about “WTFIGO” that makes it incredibly interesting to listen to. It’s catchy, endearing, and it has great backing vocals that listeners can easily sing along to. It’s not the most well-written or well-produced song on the album, but it has an indescribable quality that makes it one of the best.

The fact that there is almost only one line of text in the song can definitely be considered as a minus, but this makes it really easy to listen to and quick to understand. Not to mention the fact that the different ways of feeding this Bo line are extremely funny.


Of all the songs in The Inside Outtakes, “The Future” may be the one that fits best into the finished product. It remains a mystery why Bo decided to remove this song from the final version, as it perfectly matches the tone and style of the special release. Deep lyrics, electronic sound and vocal echo — everything in it seems to be created specifically for Inside.

“The Future” is very similar to some of Bo Burnham’s best songs from Inside, with its distorted sound.