BMW’s Sales Message to Elon Musk on Social Media


German automotive giant BMW, increasing the number of electric car sales every 4 minutes shared on Twitter. The German company brought to mind this movement, Elon Musk, who shared the pre-order numbers for the Tesla pickup named “Cybertruck”.

American carmaker Tesla recently introduced its turntable model Cybertruck. The brand, which collected the pre-orders for the vehicle, made a name for itself with the social media shares of Elon Musk. German automotive giant BMW, referring to Elon Musk, increasing the number of electric car sales every 4 minutes shared in the social media account.

Cybertruck, Tesla’s first turntable model, has become very popular on social media due to its intense interest since its introduction. The interest in the vehicle became even more noticeable with the pre-order numbers that Elon Musk shared via social media.

Cybertruck, who received 200,000 pre-orders in a short time as soon as the pre-order request form was opened, drew attention with the sharing that Elon Musk received 250 thousand pre-orders the next day.

Today, the figures of 99 499.995, 499.996, 499.997 ından ından were shared from the social media account of the German automotive giant BMW. With these shares, the German brand made a reference to Elon Musk’s Cybertruck orders and shared the sales volume of BMW electric cars. When the shares are examined, it turns out that a BMW electric car is sold every 4 minutes.

BMW had previously ridiculed Tesla
BMW’s 500 thousandth car sold 330e and delivered to the BMW Welt Museum in Munich. This model, considered the cornerstone of electromobility, was delivered to the museum by Sebastian Mackensen employee of BMW. Başkan In the next 2 years, our goal is to meet a million electric cars by roads, BMW said BMW President Oliver Zipse.

The brand’s electric car revolution began with the i3. This fully electric car has been improved to 250-300 km. Today i3s models of cars sold by the name can also be used in Turkey. BMW is expected to release 12 more electric models in the coming years.

BMW made fun of Tesla Cybertruck last month. On Twitter, BMW introduced the armored version of the popular SUV, the X5 Protection VR6, referring to the broken windows of Tesla Cybertruck. BMW, the tweets of the new vehicle hit with a metal ball in case of protection against fragmentation said.


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