BMW’s Most Powerful Motorcycle M1000RR


BMW unveiled its first motorcycle in the M series, the BMW M1000RR, its most powerful motorcycle ever and has the potential to bring the title of World Superbike to the German company.

German automotive giant BMW officially announced the M1000RR, the first motorcycle in the M series. The M1000RR, which appears as a lightweight and reinforced version of the S1000RR, is BMW’s most powerful motorcycle ever.

The completely modified BMW M1000RR with Mahle reinforced pistons, Pankl titanium connecting rods, increased cylinder compression, improved camshafts and rocker arms, has 212 horsepower and 192 kg weight.

BMW; We designed the M1000RR not only for racetracks but also for motorcycle enthusiasts to be used on the streets, but we do not know how suitable a motorcycle with a maximum speed of 306 km and 0-200 km / h take-off power in the range of 6-7 seconds can be used on the streets. .

If you like the BMW M1000RR, which has a magnificent design and power to match the tracks, now we can move on to the price of the motorcycle. The price of the M1000RR, which was developed by BMW with the aim of taking the World Superbike title, is 39,385 dollars (approximately 303 thousand TL + taxes).

BMW M1000RR trailer


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