BMW X5 dazzles with its emerald Verde Ermes color option


Car personalization service BMW Individual decorates car lovers’ dreams with Verde Ermes color options. The unique Verde Ermes color shows itself this time on a BMW X5.

Verde Ermes was one of the most eye-catching BMW Individual color options we have seen recently. Making a BMW M340i tour in Verde Ermes color last week was the event that caused us to be enchanted by the color. A few days later, a BMW X5 photo with the same color was shared on BMWBLOG’s Instagram page. Apparently, the emerald-like color option was admired and admired in many people.

BMW Individual colors are designed to create a unique and unique impression at first glance. Sometimes colors are applied on vehicles in 7 layers. Special color pigments are added to the paint for unmatched shine and density. Verde Ermes color includes all these processes in its production. Vehicles painted with the color of Verde Ermes dazzle like the sun under the light, while having a more stagnant appearance in the unlit areas.

What is BMW Individual?
BMW Individual is a personalization service that BMW recognizes to its customers when purchasing a car. This service ensures that everything from the paint of the car to the seats, from the interior to the add-ons is selected by the buyer personally. BMW Individual offers its customers color options that have been carefully selected and added to the catalog. One of these color options is the Verde Ermes option, which we just mentioned.

A brief overview of the power of the BMW X5 M50i
The BMW X5 M50i we see in the picture is the closest M Performance variant to the X5 M. The vehicle owes this power to the 4.4-liter V8 engine with N63 twin-turbo compressors. The engine can easily achieve 523 horsepower and 553 LB-FT swing force. These figures show that the X5 M50i is 77 hp behind the BMW M5. The return forces are the same. The V8 engine allows the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds.

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