BMW Unveils New Electric Tricycle and Scooter


BMW recently unveiled the tricycle design for charging a portable electric scooter. Named as Concept Dynamic Cargo and Concept Clever Commute, respectively, the vehicles will not be produced or marketed by the company, which only intends to license the ideas for micromobility brands.

Dynamic Position

The futuristic design of the electric tricycle has a focus on cargo transport, as the back is designed to carry different types of compartments, being able to accommodate packages and even children.

To make turns, the tricycle has a pivoting frame, which rotates the front wheel to the desired direction, keeping the rear wheels stable. This feature, along with an electric power train, activated when the user starts pedaling, promises an agility similar to traditional bicycles.

BMW claims that the vehicle has a similar length to bicycles, and the load carrier is close to the ground, helping with stability and making the items easier to handle.

portable scooter

The company’s electric scooter focuses on being as portable as possible. It features a “Public Transport Mode” in which the base folds to the sides, opening a gap for the rear wheel — a sort of sandwich — and considerably reducing its length. Check out an example of the effect in the image below.

According to the Electrek technology portal, both concepts have removable batteries with autonomy for up to 20 kilometers.


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