BMW To Launch Blockchain Program In South Korea


Auto giant BMW will launch a new blockchain-based incentive program in South Korea. The program, called BMW Vantage, will encourage customers to interact with the brand and, in return, award them.

BMW’s South Korea branch today announced an incentive program called BMW Vantage. BMW customers in the country will be able to benefit from the company’s products and services at a discount by participating in this program. It was stated that this discount will also include services such as vehicle maintenance.

How will the company distribute the points?

Customers will be able to earn bonus points within the scope of the program. According to Korea Herald, hundreds of thousands of points will be given to customers who buy a new model BMW from the dealer. 900 thousand a customer who buys a new BMW 5 or BMW 6 series; Customers who buy models and series such as the X1, X2, BMW 1 and BMW 2 series will be awarded up to 600 thousand points.

Points can be earned in different ways within the scope of the BMW Vintage program. Bonus points will also be given to customers who use the company’s mobile application and participate in games and events.

It will be blockchain based

This new program developed by BMW is powered by blockchain technology. According to the information in the press release, the company will carry out the distribution and tracking of these bonus points on the blockchain.

This system, developed using blockchain technology, is expected to be used only in South Korea at the initial stage. BMW South Korea branch, which has already put into trial the incentive program, plans to activate the program by the end of the year. The company also aims to transfer this program, which will only be used in the Korean market, to other countries over time.


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