BMW tests electric flying overalls for the 1st time


Tomorrow the NEXTGen 2020, second edition of the event organized by BMW – according to the company, to “present a series of new additions to our portfolio; not just cars, but also technologies and even visions of the future ”. One of the highlights will be its electric wingsuit, which was tested by professional skydiver Peter Salzmann and two other jumpers

Salzmann was not just called to jump; he, BMW i (which looks after the automaker’s electric portfolio) and Designworks (the German manufacturer’s design division) worked for three years on this electric wingsuit to increase its speed and flight range.

“The purpose of the electric drive system is to increase the performance of the wingsuit to achieve a better gliding flight, thus allowing greater distances to be covered. After activation, the pilot experiences an immediate acceleration, allowing him to fly at speeds of over 300 km h ”, explained Salzmann.

This was the first flight of the suit with electric traction system, carried out in the Austrian Alps. Right after a helicopter jump, at three thousand meters of altitude, the three parachutists flew in formation towards a mountain massif.

Wind tunnel

With the help of the electric drive, Salzmann accelerated faster than his colleagues and was able to cross the peak of one of the mountains in the region, flying in a curve soon afterwards and joining the two colleagues, who had glided down the mountainside. The three pilots then ended the test by opening the parachute.

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