BMW iX can be unlocked with iPhone in bag or pocket


BMW announced its new mobile key technology named Digital Key Plus. Thanks to Digital Key Plus, iPhone owners will be able to unlock certain cars of BMW without removing the phone from their mobile.

At the heart of the Digital Key Plus is the ultra-broadband (UWB) technology found in Apple’s phones since the iPhone 11. The technology in question is offered thanks to Apple’s U1 processor. BMW’s new system will be used for the first time in the all-electric BMW iX. The BMW iX will hit the road in Europe later this year and in the USA in early 2022.

In the statement made by BMW, attention is drawn to the possibility of unlocking the car with the iPhone in the pocket or bag thanks to the Digital Key Plus. NFC technology is the basis of the current Digital Key system. To unlock the car, it is necessary to bring the iPhone or Apple Watch closer to the NFC tag on the vehicle. The German automotive giant does not neglect to state that its UWB-based new system is resistant and safe against possible attacks.

Currently, the U1 processor, which provides UWB support, is available on a small number of iPhones. The U1, which is in the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series, was not included in the 2020 iPhone SE. The U1 processor is also included in Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple started offering support for digital car keys with iOS 13.6. BMW, which is currently the only manufacturer benefiting from this facility, continues to benefit effectively from Apple’s support with Digital Key Plus.


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