BMW introduces new curved panel and iDrive 8 system


The automaker BMW presented on Monday (15) the eighth version of iDrive, the information, navigation and entertainment system of the company’s cars.

Visually, the iDrive 8 just got bigger: it runs from a curved panel that starts behind the steering wheel and expands almost to the passenger seat – something made possible by the combination of the screens that showed details of the trip (12.3 ” ), such as speedometer, map and fuel or battery level, with the display used to play varied content (14.9 “).

Everything with your face

The main controller of the iDrive was kept from old models: a wooden-topped rotating disk that concentrates some of the system’s controls.

Improvements were also made in the sectors of voice command recognition, user interface and machine learning, which operates entirely in the cloud and improves data processing by up to 30 times. All updates – and BMMW promises that there will be many – will happen automatically, gradually adding more content to the system.

The platform also has several navigation profiles, which can be chosen or customized by the driver. They define the driving style and need, such as smoother rides or an energy efficient mode.

In terms of connectivity, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will be supported by default.

Ready for the future

BMW’s goal is to make the iDrive 8 a system practically ready to adopt an autopilot, with the promise of having up to Level 3 of autonomy – one where the driver can leave the main tasks with the vehicle, but must be ready to take back control of the car at any time.

The iDrive 8 will debut in two new models from the automaker: the electric SUV iX and the electric sedan i4, both expected to receive the platform in late 2021.


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