BMW i3 Test Vehicle with Exaggerated Design Viewed


BMW seems to be making new trials on the electric car i3. The test tool of the i3 is displayed in an exaggerated design with wide fenders. It is not known whether the final design will be like this.

The test vehicle of the BMW i3 was displayed in a very interesting design. At first glance it may seem exaggerated modified, but the test vehicle, with its thin tires beneath its wide fenders, signals that the situation is different from what is seen. Taped cables to the left side of the door and to the fender and the front-mounted sensor tell us that the Bavarian manufacturer is testing something new and that the displayed i3 is a kind of prototype.

What BMW is trying to do with this vehicle is not known for now, and it seems we need more than imagery to learn. The source of the photos reports that the test vehicle is the work of BMW’s suspension and tire development team. More specifically, i, BMW’s electric car division, runs the i3 for future models.

BMW will keep the i3 in production until at least 2023, and the new electric models are expected to come in a more normal design. The mystery behind the design of the test vehicle is unclear, but different wheel / tire combinations may be under investigation. They may also be testing new suspension components with a wider tire.

Ultimately, the photographed i3 is a test tool and can have a lot of possibilities behind it. A BMW i3 with wider tires and wider fenders could look heavier and more stylish. We will wait and see the future plans of BMW together.


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