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BMW Dismisses Mercedes For The First Time Since 2015


For the first time, BMW has succeeded in defeating Mercedes Benz, which has managed to sit three times in a row since 2015 in sales. In 2019, the Company sold 324,826 vehicles.

In 2018, the leader in the luxury car sales race between BMW and Mercedes-Benz was identified by only 4,000 vehicles. The winner of 2018 was Mercedes-Benz, the third consecutive winner of the year.

2019 was a completely different year. BMW, the US-made X3, X5 and X7’lerle seventh generation 3 series saw an increase in sales. In December 2019, the company announced sales of 35,746 vehicles. The total sales figure of 2019 was announced as 324,826.

Well what does it mean?

BMW sold 324,826 vehicles during 2019, an increase of 4.4% over the year 2018. We said that only 4,000 vehicles were the leader of the previous year. This increase was enough for BMW to depose Mercedes-Benz.

For the first time since 2015, BMW has succeeded in defeating Mercedes-Benz, which is at the top of luxury car sales in the US. In 2019, Mercedes-Benz sold nearly as many as 315,959 vehicles in 2018. The company sold 316,094 luxury cars in the US.

Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class became Mercedes’s best-selling vehicle in 2019. During 2019, GLC-Class sold 73,650 units. On the other hand, GLE-Class was the second best-selling vehicle with sales of 49,980 units. BMW did not share the details of which model was the most sold, but according to many people, the best-selling BMW model was none other than the X3.

Lexus, which is very popular in the USA, took third place before getting closer to BMW and Mercedes. Lexus sold 298,114 during the year 2019. Lexus’s sales this year decreased by 0.1% compared to the previous year. Audi ranked fourth with 224,111 sales.

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