Bly Mansion creator rules out chance for new seasons


This Wednesday (23), through his official Twitter account, Mike Flanagan, creator of The Curse of Hill Residence and The Curse of Bly Mansion, said he currently has no plans for the development of new seasons of the anthology series on Netflix.

“At the moment, there are no plans for more episodes. Never say never, of course, but now we’re focused on a complete list of other projects for 2021 [from Intrepid Pictures] and beyond. If things change, we will absolutely let everyone know! ”, He said, responding to a follower on the social network.

Both horror productions were quite successful among subscribers as well as critics. Thus, it was expected that a new season would be thought to debut soon in streaming.

Even though Mike Flanagan does not rule out this possibility in the future, many viewers were impacted by the news and expressed discontent on Twitter.

Other internet users have even started to respond to Flanagan’s publication with suggestions for adaptations for possible future seasons. Some cited classics from horror literature like Edgar Allan Poe and Peter Straub.

It is worth remembering that The Curse of the Hill Residence was based directly on a novel of the same name written by Shirley Jackson, while The Curse of the Bly Mansion was inspired by the novel The Other Turn of the Screw, by Henry James.

Currently, with his producer, Mike Flanagan develops two series: Midnight Mass and The Midnight Club, both for Netflix. This second one is even based on the work of the same name by Christopher Pike.

For now, there is no premiere date for either production. It remains for us to wait for news involving this anthological series of terror.