Blushing: what abby says in korean


In the Pixar movie “Blushes“, Abby is a Korean of Canadian descent and one of May’s best friends. Here’s a translation for every time Abby speaks Korean and why.

Abby first appears in the Pixar movie “Blushes” when she shouts at fellow students in Korean, and that’s what she says in this scene and every time she speaks Korean in the movie. “Red Transformation” follows May’s story when she discovers that the maternal women in the family turn into red pandas when they are emotionally stressed or experiencing strong emotions. With the help of Abby and her other friends, May learns to control her red panda and decides to keep it for herself.

Abby, Priya and Miriam play a big role in Blushing, helping May stand up for herself against the pressure exerted by her mother and other controlling women in her family. Instead of being pushed into the background, all of May’s friends are well-developed characters with their own quirks and personalities. Abby is a short and short-tempered 13-year-old girl who is fearless in front of other children and even ran into a giant red panda May. Abby is of Korean-Canadian descent and speaks Korean at several points in the film; however, there are no subtitles to translate what she says.

The first words Abby says in “Blushing” are Korean. She tells the other three students that they are littering and says, “Hey, what are you trying to do?” The students look intimidated by Abby, even though she speaks a language they don’t understand, her tone is unmistakable. Abby’s anger the next time she screams in Korean will be triggered by a desire to protect May when Tyler puts up embarrassing drawings of May all over the school hallway. In this case, Abby’s Korean words can be skipped, since all of May’s friends stand up for her at the same time, but the translation of Abby’s words sounds like this: “What’s wrong with you?”

But 4*Town is a topic that all of May’s friends are passionate about, and the three cases when Abby uses Korean are a reaction to the boy band. The first case is when Abby realizes that she made a mistake in the date of the 4* Town concert in Toronto. She thinks they’re performing in Toronto on May 25, but they’re actually performing in Toledo on that day, to which Abby says, “What? Toledo? This is crazy! Where is it?” When they eventually get to the concert and wait for the band to play, Abby is impatient and shouts, “Let’s go! Chop-chop! 4*City!” Her manner of using Korean when she is emotionally annoyed continues until she finally sees Tae Yong on stage and declares: “I love you.”

Because of this, it seems that she switches to Korean in moments of strong emotions. Abby probably speaks Korean at these moments because she intends to hide what she is saying to the other characters, or perhaps because she is more comfortable speaking Korean, and it is a language she immediately turns to in reactionary moments. In any case, Abby’s use of Korean in “Blushing”, whether in 4*Town or in irritation, remains true to her attractive persona and makes her a more three-dimensional character.