Blumhouse Has Combined M3GAN With a Documentary About Prince Harry, and I Can’t Look Away


We’re still in the M3GAN moment, thanks to the first big hit of the new 2023 movie releases that continue to set the internet on fire. It is not known where you will see the Bloomhouse killer doll next, as it will most likely appear where you least expect it. Building on this fun game of hide and seek, the production company shared a meme that puts M3GAN in the most unexpected place: a documentary about Prince Harry, “Harry and Meghan.”

In addition to the already huge library of memes and M3GAN appearances, Jason Blum himself shared on Twitter an image of a photoshopped Model 3 Generative Android with the former prince. The results are pretty impressive, but don’t take my word for it. Here is the photo at the heart of this story, from which I can’t take my eyes off:

A huge credit goes to whoever put this together, especially at this moment when the popularity of the picture allowed the 2025 sequel M3GAN 2.0 to get the green light. Equally prolific is “Harry and Meghan,” in which Prince Harry has made huge allegations against his family. Although serious and stupid can’t always combine in such an effective way, this joke somehow makes it work.

This is even funnier when you consider the alternative titles of Harry’s memoir “Spare”, which are a treasure trove of potential subtitles. Imagine that: “Harry and M3GAN: What’s Left”, “Harry and M3GAN: Don’t Feel Sorry for Anyone” or even “Harry and M3GAN: In the Shadows” — it all sounds like a truly sinister parody in which our beloved digital demon creates a shortcut through the line of royal succession.

The life of a meme can be both short and long, and the jury is still out on this latest M3GAN joke. At the moment, however, it’s something that’s fun to play around with in your head, if only to keep our minds occupied until we actually find out what the story of M3GAN 2.0 is about. Although, if you’re Prince Harry or Meghan Markle, you’ll probably look askance at it for a while. any new toys that will appear in the family.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of getting to know M3GAN yet, you’re in luck. Not only is Blumhouse’s latest horror hit still raging in theaters, you can now watch the movie at the PVOD box office. Patient viewers will have to wait a bit for the streaming premiere of the movie, but this possible event is likely to be good news for those of you who have a Peacock subscription.


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