Bluetooth speaker: less than 150.00 Rupees


The market for Bluetooth speakers is very wide and has models for all tastes and purposes. For this reason, it is always very complicated to say which is the best model available. Each user has a need and that is to define which speaker to buy.

In the midst of so much variety, a segment that has been gaining more and more attention is the portable models. With less power, but compensated for the ease of transport and low cost, they were developed for small environments and are an excellent option for those who want to listen to music or podcast at home.

If you are interested in a model with these characteristics, but do not know which one to buy, this text is intended to answer your questions about the main characteristics of some popular models, so you can decide which is the best speaker for your needs and you will be able to purchase more safely.

Portable Multimedia Box Jr Pop, JBL

With the already traditional quality that the brand usually offers, this JBL speaker is small and light, for easy use anywhere. Made with resistant materials, it also has IPX7 certification, being waterproof. In addition, this portable speaker has autonomy of up to 5 hours of playback, has 3 Watts of power and integrated multicolored themed lights.


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