Bluetooth at all: Intel wants PCs and peripherals completely wireless


According to Eric McLaughlin, vice president of Intel Client Computing Group and general manager of Wireless Solutions Group, in an interview with PCWorld, Intel intends to optimize Bluetooth technology and use it to create fully wireless desktop computers.

Intel recently acquired Rivet Networks, which owns the Killer Networking line. Killer, in turn, developed the Killer Intelligence Engine software, which is able to identify all Wi-Fi signals around a PC and provide what delivers the best throughput. If a satisfactory Wi-Fi signal is not received, the software recommends an infrastructure update.

It seems that Intel wants to take this approach to Bluetooth technology, to create a robust and reliable network that can integrate all the peripherals that can be connected to a PC. The difference is that computers use only one Wi-Fi network. Bluetooth, on the other hand, uses a radio signal for each connected device.

McLaughlin said Bluetooth was optimized for smartphones and neglected on the desktop platform, and Intel wants to change that, as well as solve some other problems that the PC industry has yet to address.

The next steps
According to McLaughlin, Intel is looking for ways to improve Bluetooth so that all peripherals and services work seamlessly, without interfering with each other, from speakers to the monitor.

This would not be the first time that an attempt like this, of integrating peripherals using a wire connection, would be addressed. Therefore, the company would have previous models to create something new that can meet the needs of the use that we make of our computers today.


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