Bluetooth Headset: 4 Lenovo models


Lenovo is known among Brazilians for its high quality notebooks. But the brand also produces other devices, such as smartphones, monitors, mice and headphones.

Without being left out of the news, Lenovo joined the wave of Bluetooth TWS headphones, offering models with great value for money, modern design and good features.

The brand’s headsets have not officially arrived in Brazil, but can be purchased from trusted national websites. In this article we will present 4 options that are available on Amazon. Check out.

Lenovo LivePods LP40 Bluetooth Headset

The Lenovo LP40 Livepods have Bluetooth 5.0, technology that offers the best in terms of connectivity and pairing. It is possible to use the device up to 10 meters away from the sound source.

This Lenovo headset is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, and offers a sizeable 40 mAh battery in each headset, plus an additional 300 mAh charging case. This is enough to guarantee a few hours for you to listen to music on your cell phone.

The LivePods LP40 has a USB type C charging interface, which is faster than the micro USB. Only 1.5 hours is enough to fully charge the headphones and the carrying case.

Lenovo LivePods LP1 Bluetooth Headset

This Lenovo headset has the IPX4 certification as a differential, which guarantees protection against sweat, light rain and even accidental in liquids (without submersion). This is the guarantee that the product will not spoil during outdoor exercises on rainy days.

In the controls part, it is possible to pause / resume the songs, change tracks and even adjust the volume. An interesting differential to similar models, which only offer the option to pause or continue the reproductions.

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It is worth mentioning that the LivePods LP1, like the previous model, is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection, long battery life (at least 4 hours adding the headphones and the box) and charging via the USB type C interface.

Lenovo XT90 Bluetooth Headset

Even though it is a more current model from Lenovo, the XT90 is a good and inexpensive headset, and has specifications similar to previous models, with sweat and water resistance and complete reproduction controls. The main differential of the model is to be more ergonomic in the ear socket.

The black design makes the accessory a little less flashy and with a more modern look. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection is maintained, as well as USB type C charging.


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