Bluetooth audio: what do people want from technology?


Bluetooth is one of the most used wireless communication technologies today. With applications in many different areas, the short-wave radio frequency is very popular, especially in headphones. And to find out what people want from Bluetooth audio, Qualcomm conducted the State of Play Report 2020 survey.

Published last week, the survey was made with thousands of users using wireless audio equipment. Features such as noise cancellation, voice assistant, portability, interactivity with smartphones and others were remembered with some of the most important ones.

In addition, the company points out that consumers are increasingly demanding and that the evolution of the devices has raised expectations more and more. See below the main findings of the State of Play Report 2020.

Audio quality is the most important: According to Qualcomm, sound quality is the most relevant factor that people evaluate on a Bluetooth headset. According to the survey, 77% of respondents said that this is the item evaluated most carefully when buying a new device;
Longer-lasting batteries: The report shows that many people are interested in batteries that make the device last longer. The desire of the users is that the headphones can stay a longer time without the need for a new recharge;
Gaming audio: almost half of respondents said they use wireless headsets to play video games. Therefore, another point cited is that users are increasingly needing wireless connections with low latency. A lower latency means a small delay between the sound played in the game and emitted on the device;
User experience: The flaws and interruptions of Bluetooth technology have also been remembered. Almost 25% of consumers responded that these problems are barriers when making a purchase.

Production for the future

Along with the research, Qualcomm, which is the manufacturer of the most popular chipsets on the mobile market, defended that it is committed to the evolution of Bluetooth audio. James Chapman, the company’s vice president and general manager of Voice, Music and Wearables, said the latest lines launched in partnership with other companies have focused on providing good experiences for various types of headset uses.

The executive also argued that the brand has designed integrated platforms to simplify the work of other companies. The idea, according to him, is to aim for good audio quality and battery life, which are among the expectations of consumers. “We will continue to invent new smart audio technologies for the future,” he promised.


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