BlueStacks 5 is available in Brazil to play Android on PC!


Anyone looking for a good way to play App Store and Google Play titles on their computer in a very light application, it is worth keeping an eye on BlueStacks 5, whose beta is already available in Brazil. Considering the whole world, there have been over a billion downloads!

It is an emulation platform capable of running even on the most modest hardware thanks to its low RAM usage. In the new version, the goal was to consume even less memory and, thus, improve the speed and performance of games.

The improvements happen without the game developers having to make any changes to the applications. With the new BlueStacks you can even multitask and enjoy your gameplay while running applications like Discord to chat, all thanks to the unprecedented Eco Mode.

Support for joysticks has also been improved, and you can test these functions now by downloading BlueStacks 5 here. What did you think of the platform and its news? Comment below!