Bluepoint Wants To Release ‘Games Of The Year’ Quality Titles


Bluepoint Games wants to deliver games with a “Game of the Year” weight, and for that it started a recruiting campaign for several positions in the company. Information is from PlayStation Life Style.

According to the website, the studio is looking for experienced professionals and veterans of the games industry, which reinforces the company’s position on seeking excellence in its next projects.

On its website, where the vacancies were posted, the company says it has begun “exciting original development work” and says it is looking for talent to create “Game of the Year quality titles”. The text goes on to list works on established games like the remastering Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, the remake of Shadow of the Colossus and, more recently, the PS5 version of Demon’s Souls.

It is still unclear what the company is referring to when it says it is preparing something original. The team is known for their work on remakes and remasters, but now they seem really committed to releasing something new. It remains to be seen whether his next project will be a new intellectual property or a sequel to an already established PlayStation series.

Colin Moriarty of Last Stand Media believes the studio’s next job will be a sequel to Bloodborne. In a post on Twitter, the professional stated that the information circulating behind the scenes is that the studio would be “on a journey to Yharnam”.

Bluepoint Games is the latest addition to PlayStation Studios. The purchase was announced at the end of last month, on September 30th.


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