Blued, app aimed at the LGBTQIA + community


The Blued relationship app, aimed at the LGBTQIA + community, was launched in Brazil on Wednesday (4), with the proposal of offering a prejudice-free environment for people to connect. The platform, of Chinese origin, currently has more than 54 million users in 10 countries.

Free and available for Android and iOS, Blued offers space for interactions and debates on the most varied types of subjects, in addition to promoting virtual meetings for those who are looking for a romantic couple. Security is guaranteed through an identity verification process, the purpose of which is to avoid creating fakes.

The security procedure is optional, according to the company, but profiles that go through authentication receive a special logo in the photo. In addition, verified users have preference over others, increasing the chances of receiving more recommendations on the social network.

According to the company’s Global Marketing manager Jason Li, the platform wants to help reduce prejudice in the country. “Brazil is known for its cultural diversity and LGBTQIA + inclusion, but we know that it has a long way to go in terms of acceptance, respect, empathy and access. We want Blued to be a place of relationship, welcome, information and entertainment for the gay community ”, commented the executive.

Live streams and video calls

To provide greater interaction, the LGBTQIA + relationship app has two different features. One of them is “Transmissão ao Vivo”, which allows participation in talent shows, games, comedy shows and casual chat, among other activities.

With the “Online” function, recently launched in the service, the goal is to encourage singles to meet potential partners, through quick video calls. The speed dating tool shows information about applicants, such as photo, name and location, so that the user can decide whether or not to accept the call.


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