Blue presenta el Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition


We look at the new World of Warcraft special version of the Yeti X microphone, which adds many unique features and an exclusive design.

If we’ve ever looked for professional microphone options for streaming, YouTube videos, podcasts, or just for personal use, we’ve probably come across Blue products. The Yeti or the Snowball are two examples of this and we can already announce that we have news in this regard, specifically in version X of this first. We were able to test the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition and speak with those responsible for its creation in the Blue team.

It is a very special mic that has an exclusive design, voice modulation to become our favorite WoW characters and many other functions that arrive to celebrate the next launch of Shadowlands, the next great expansion that will come to the Blizzard title. Below we tell you everything, in addition to detailing its price and differences compared to the original Yeti X.

Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition Special Features

The first thing that strikes us about the exclusive Yeti X that we have in hand is its design. It has the same size and weight as its original version, but this time we can appreciate golden touches that give it a luxurious look. Among them we find the letters of World of Warcraft engraved, the Blue logo on both and a base with engraved runes from the magical universe in question. These runes are also transferred in led mode to the wheel that detects and regulates the sound input.

One aspect that comes into play here and extends to many other areas is customization. Only in the section of the LED lights that the microphone has incorporated can we choose between a pattern of lights of the Alliance (blue) or the Horde (red) to show our alliance with one of the two mythical classes of WoW. We can also choose them to our liking from a wider color palette, so we have a wide range of customization options.


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