Blue Origin test NASA technologies for future moon mission


Blue Origin’s next New Shepard mission, due to take off this Friday (25th) from Texas, in the United States, will test some technologies under development by NASA, planned to be used in the Artemis program, which will mark the return of man to Moon in 2024.

Named NS-13, this mission will carry 12 payloads. Among them is a set of sensors developed by the American space agency, mounted outside the spaceship of Jeff Bezos’ company. The equipment will test technologies that should facilitate landings in different regions of the lunar surface.

According to Blue Origin, the experiment will check how the sensors, computers and algorithms work together to allow an autonomous landing, as close as possible to the designated location. The system is expected to take future missions to locations impossible to reach during Apollo missions.

Some of the other cargoes that will be on board the NS-13 are a microgravity plant cultivation system, developed to help astronauts diet on longer missions, and a gear designed to offer probes new ways of anchoring on asteroids and small space objects.

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