Blue Origin successfully tests ‘space tourist cabin’


It is not just SpaceX that is making impressive progress in the private space sector. This Thursday (14), Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ company, successfully tested its manned cabin, which, in the future, may be used even by tourists who want to discover the effects of microgravity.

Takeoff and landing were performed during the evaluation of acoustic improvements and in the internal temperature regulation mechanisms. Panels dedicated to those responsible for controlling the device were not left out of the implementations, as well as the addition of a microphone and an audio capture activation button in each seat (six in total).

Such studies will also serve, indicates the company, to verify the functionality of several elements of communication with the Earth and the security of the systems incorporated in the equipment.


Hit and turn

Launched from Texas at 2:20 pm (Brasília time), the capsule separated from the New Shepard rocket that drove it out of the atmosphere and continued its trajectory while the “companion” returned to the base, about 3 km from the starting point. Then he brought Mannequin Skywalker, the only one present at the event, safe and sound here with the help of parachutes. In total, the process took just 10 minutes.

Five years passed between what happened today and the first flight undertaken by the New Shepard. According to Blue Origin, offering differentiated tours like this is taking longer than expected, but despite the disappointment, it recognizes that delays are common in achieving such an ambitious goal.

Do you want to make your reservation? Take it easy. Prices or start of trips, for now, have not been disclosed.


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