Blue Origin: Rocket That Took Jeff Bezos To Space Becomes Miniature


Just over a month after Blue Origin’s first manned flight, which took billionaire Jeff Bezos into space, maker Estes Rockets unveiled a collectible, miniature version of the New Shepard rocket.

The product is a 1/66 scale of the original rocket and can be launched from a platform that is sold separately by Estes Rockets, and that works on other models of the brand.

According to the manufacturer, the capsule where the cargo normally goes can reach up to 120 meters in height and use a parachute for landing. Like the real version, the rocket is also reusable and can be launched into the sky multiple times.

In addition, the model further enhances the at least controversial appearance of the rocket, which has been the target of jokes for its shape.

The miniature New Shepard will sell for $69.99 and is already in the booking phase, scheduled for release later this year.


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