Blue Origin Completes First Manned Flight With Jeff Bezos


Blue Origin completed its first suborbital flight with crew on the morning of Tuesday, July 20, a date that also marks the anniversary of humanity’s arrival on the Moon. , the founder of Amazon and the rocket company.

The flight also featured Mark Bezos, Jeff’s brother, aviator Wally Funk and Oliver Daemen, who arrived at the last minute. At 18, the last passenger is the youngest person to go into space, in addition to being Blue Origin’s first paying customer.

The entire trip on New Shepard lasted about 10 minutes and had no problems—the weather in Texas didn’t hinder launch and the ship worked as it should. Reaching space, the crew were able to unbuckle their seat belts and float for a few moments.

As defined by Blue Origin previously, the flight taken by Bezos and his team was higher than the trip taken by Virgin Galactic, which took place on July 12th. While Richard Branson’s spacecraft reached about 80 km, New Shepard reached more than 100 km, crossing the frontier of space, called the Kárman line.

The team’s return was also flawless and the entire crew arrived ashore without any problems after the brief space trip. New Shepard’s capsule landing systems worked as planned and no accidents occurred during the descent. The booster also made it back from space and didn’t explode.

During the “pre-show”, Blue Origin also said it was prepared for any problems and that the spacecraft has security systems to guarantee the life of the astronauts in the event of an accident. You can check out Blue Origin’s full flight and launch coverage in the video above.

In addition to ensuring that New Shepard is up and running for passenger travel, the success of flying with Jeff Bezos serves as a showcase for Blue Origin’s space tourism service, a market that is currently booming. The company is selling tickets for space travel and said those interested should contact the company.