Blue Exorcist: Manga Will Go On Hiatus That Should Last Until 2022


The Blue Exorcist manga, a big hit with fans of supernatural stories, is expected to take a break soon – after the conclusion of the next chapter. The information was confirmed by the Twitter account @WSJ_manga, which specializes in manga by Shonen Jump, the series’ international publisher. In Brazil, Blue Exorcist is published by JBC.

The break in the series will be due to a recess scheduled by its creator, Kazue Kato, who has a new project in mind, to which he will need to dedicate himself fully. So far, we know that it will be a short series, lasting six months, in which Kato will adapt the light novel Eizen Karukaya Kaiitan, by author Fuyumi Ono.

When does Blue Exorcist come back?

The series is expected to return after Kato finishes adapting the book, which should be mid-April 2022 – if there aren’t any major changes to the schedule. Blue Exorcist debuted in April 2009 and has received some anime adaptations since then. Two seasons from 2011 are available in the Brazilian catalog from Netflix.

In the story, the famous exorcist Rin Okumura never met his real father. Raised by Father Fujimoto one day in an argument, Rin discovers the terrible truth: Satan’s blood runs in his veins. He vows to defeat the evil father, but to do so means entering the mysterious True Cross Academy and becoming a powerful exorcist.

Discover the new manga by Kazue Kato

Eizen Karukaya Kaiitan also has a supernatural storyline and will cover the story of Shoko, a girl who lives alone in the store she inherited from an aunt, where a sliding door – which no one uses – usually opens by itself. The place was the home of a samurai and Shoko’s mother warned her that someone was staying in her attic. One rainy day, a dead woman appears, wearing a black kimono.

To learn the rest of the story, you’ll have to read Kato’s adaptation. Follow TecMundo to stay up-to-date with manga and anime news and find out first when Blue Exorcist will return to newsstands and bookstores!


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