Blossom, An App To Identify Plants And Care For Them


Blossom: Although in cities the urban environment suffocates us sometimes, luckily we are surrounded by plants, trees and flowers. But unless one is an expert in the field, it is difficult to identify which plant or tree. And it is also difficult to know how to plant, water and take care of them if you are a neophyte in this. For this reason, we show you an ideal application both for those who want to get started in botany and for those who want to identify what species they have on their street.

Blossom app

The Blossom app instantly identifies more than 10,000 plants, flowers and trees by image. You just have to take a photo of a plant or use an image you have on your mobile, and the application will identify it instantly. But the best thing is that apart from this function, Blossom is an intelligent botanical assistant that will teach us everything, from detailed information about the characteristics of each plant to instructions for its care or when this or that species germinates and blooms.

The app sends you notifications when it is time to water, fertilize, mist, clean and replant. And you can create a personalized reminder for when your plant needs something special, as well as use a light meter to monitor the light levels in your space and find the best location for the plants.

Free and Premium

Blossom is free to download and comes with a free trial period to try it out. If you like it, you have a monthly or annual subscription service to have all the Premium features, such as unlimited plant identifications or the same light meter, which does not come in the basic version.


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