Bloomberg: Google Will Turn YouTube Into A Shopping Mall


According to Bloomberg’s report, Google plans to add links of its own shopping and analysis tools to the products in the content on YouTube. Speaking to Bloomberg, an official confirmed that the platform is currently testing new e-commerce features.

While watching any video on YouTube, you must have come across the links of shopping sites that are referenced in the video description. Thanks to these links, content producers can earn additional income thanks to their followers who shop over the links they offer.

So YouTube has been a platform where you can earn money from both subscriptions and ads until now. However, this will change soon, according to Bloomberg’s report. According to the report, the platform started asking content producers to tag products in the video.

YouTube can become the shopping center:

According to Bloomberg’s report, YouTube plans to provide links to products tagged by creators to direct them to the shopping and analytics tools offered by Google. In other words, YouTube plans to turn into a shopping site where you can buy almost every product you see on the platform. In addition, the platform is testing a new integration with the e-commerce platform Shopify.

Speaking on behalf of YouTube, an official announced that he has tested some electronic commerce features of the platform by verifying the authenticity of the news in Bloomberg. The official said that content producers can choose which products in the video will appear on their channels, but did not share more details on the subject.

It was quite logical for YouTube to turn to the field of electronic commerce. When we consider only hundreds of thousands of review videos on the giant platform, it can be quite easy for the platform to turn video views into a shopping. Also, probably parent company Google has the same opinion.

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