Bloomberg Details Apple’s Upcoming New Products


A report by Bloomberg included the upcoming plans of the tech giant Apple. According to the report, the company will come up with products such as new wireless headphones, smart speakers, iPads and smart watches in addition to the iPhone 12 series in the near future.

With our entry in September, the US-based technology giant Apple has been closely followed by technology enthusiasts. The company is expected to launch the new mobile operating system iOS 14 this month and to meet consumers with new products. A recent report by Bloomberg reveals important details about Apple’s upcoming plans.

According to the report prepared by Bloomberg, Apple will come up with 2 different Apple Watch in the coming period. Stating that one of the new smart watches that the company will announce will be the Apple Watch Series 6, Bloomberg says that the other model will be a slightly more affordable smartwatch. In addition, the company is preparing to offer a new iPad Air model similar to the iPad Pro to consumers.

In fact, the new iPad Air, which is believed to be approaching, has come up with various claims for a while. In fact, in a news we recently shared with you, we talked about the user manual of the iPad Air model with a 10.8-inch screen, which experienced Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has voiced since the early days of 2020. So it will not be surprising that Apple will come up with such an iPad model in the coming days.

Includes an affordable HomePod and on-ear headphones

Bloomberg also heralds that Apple will announce new products that will surprise everyone right now. According to the report, the tech giant has been working on a smaller and cheaper new HomePod for a while. The report, which stated that this product will be announced soon, also includes the details that Apple will also introduce an on-ear headset, but this headset will not be a Beats brand.

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Sure iPhone 12 series

Bloomberg’s report also touches on new iPhone models that almost everyone knows about. According to the report, iPhone 12 series; It would have sizes 5.4 inches, 2 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches. The report, which reveals that all models of the iPhone 12 series, which will have OLED screen structures, will be in angular structure, claims that the ‘Pro’ variants with a steel frame will be released a little later than the other variants.

In addition to all these, Apple’s expectations in the iPhone 12 series are also included in the report. Apparently, Apple expects to sell a huge amount despite the epidemic. According to Bloomberg’s report, the company expects the iPhone 12 series, which will also have 5G support, to sell 75-80 million. Only time will tell whether these expectations will come true or not.


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