Bloodstained arrives on Android and iOS in December


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night received a great reception in its versions for consoles and PC, and now cell phone players will also be able to enjoy the latest “Igavania” in all its glory with neat versions on Android and iOS. Check out the game reveal trailer:

There is still no predicted price in reais, but we already know that it will cost 10 dollars in the United States, which gives just under R $ 57 in the current conversion of the tourism dollar. It was also announced that the port is scheduled for December 2020, with pre-registration already open outside.

All features of the original version will be maintained, with full dubbing, all areas and parallel missions. It is a one-time purchase that enables full content, without any microtransactions along the way, replicating the original experience well, just by applying the necessary controls via the touch screen.

If you still don’t know the game and don’t want to wait until December, it is now available for download on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Did you like the announcement of this port? Will you play on your phone? Comment below!

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