Bloodshore is Half Movie, Half Game Battle Royale


Bloodshore: Last Friday (17), Wales Interactive released the trailer for Bloodshore, their new interactive film. All in live action, with real cast, the production lets you choose the fate of the characters and the ending of the story — having plenty of gameplay aspects, too.

In the story, spectator-players control actor Nick, who enters a televised battle royale with other performers, streamers and death row prisoners. Each decision and each relationship built changes a lot the continuation of the story, with consequences for Nick and the other players in the game. According to Wales Interactive, eight hours of gameplay were produced, more than any other studio production like The Complex.

Below you can watch the trailer for Bloodshore. For a lot of people, it gave an impression of Fortnite mixed with The Hunger Games. For me, this business of deciding the fate of a film is just an attempt by the gringos to copy the classic Você Decide (laughs). But see for yourself and let us know, in the comments, what you think.

For now, the release of the interactive film is scheduled for November, on PS5 and PS4, Xbox Series X/S and One platforms, as well as Nintendo Switch, PC (via Steam) and iOS. The movie’s official Steam page warns of “extreme violence and deaths” as well as “graphic representations of blood and gore”. Maybe that’s exactly what fans want…


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