BloodRayne: Compilation Hits Consoles In November


BloodRayne: Publisher Ziggurat Interactive and developer Big Boat Interactive have announced that BloodRayne: ReVamped and BloodRayne 2: ReVamped are on their way to consoles.

Action-horror remasters about Rayne, a half-vampire bloodsucker, hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch in November — with limited editions for the PS4 and Nintendo’s hybrid console being sold exclusively by Limited Run Games

According to Ziggurat Interactive, players will be able to enjoy the adventures of the BloodRayne series “with modern enhancements including higher resolutions, upscale cinematics, graphics engine enhancements and more.”

In BloodRayne, players control Rayne around the world in her fight against supernatural creatures and Nazis, all while she tries to find out more about her vampire heritage. The games feature “a unique protagonist, fast-paced combat, superhuman powers and a global storyline”, according to the publisher, as well as offering “a visceral, dynamic gameplay experience”.

Below you can check out the main news from BloodRayne remasters on consoles:

Support for higher resolution monitors (support on consoles up to 4k in 3840×2160 aspect ratio);
Upscale enhanced cinematic videos;
Lighting improvements in terms of graphics engine and reprocessed light data;
Graphics engine improvements to support uncompressed original textures;
Improvements to effects such as reflections, water, fog and shadows;
Language localization:
BloodRayne: localized voice and text audio for English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish;
BloodRayne 2: Voice audio in English and Russian, localized texts for English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

BloodRayne was originally released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and PC in 2002. BloodRayne 2 arrived in 2004 for Xbox and PS2, with a PC version coming out in 2005. Both games now arrive remastered with a release date set for that day November 18 this year.


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