Bloodborne: video shows how it will look at 4K 60fps


Anyone who has always wanted to know what Bloodborne would be like running at 60 frames per second, or even in 4K, can watch the video below shared by the Digital Foundry website to kill your curiosity. Using a patch made by the community and artificial intelligence it was possible to obtain both results, but there are some caveats better commented on below.

When the PlayStation 4 Pro arrived, fans of the game asked for a version that would take better advantage of the console’s performance to be released, a request that was not met. Despite this, Lance McDonald’s, a famous modder, released a patch for the game unlocking the 60 frames per second after a lot of reverse engineering. Still, the hardware of the PS4 Pro suffered to deliver the desired performance and even in 720p it was not possible to have total stability. Thus, the project was shelved, awaiting a Sony console with more performance.

With the launch of the PlayStation 5, the patch was resurrected and Bloodborne at 1080p 60fps became possible, as demonstrated in the video above. While the patch to run the game at 60fps on the PS4 Pro has already been made public, the PS5 mod has only been demonstrated on video and may take a while to be released. It is worth mentioning that these are unofficial modifications and have not been reviewed by Sony and even From Software. Another important detail is the fact that the video game needs to be prepared to receive the patch in a process that is not that simple, since it requires a developer kit or a dub console.

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