Bloodborne Remastering Isn’t Happening Because Of Elden Ring


Bloodborne is one of the most popular games of the PS4 generation, and fans have long wanted to get 4K60 FPS updates, a full—fledged remaster or even a full-fledged remake. Indeed, it may seem that Sony, as the owner of the intellectual property of Bloodborne, leaves money on the table without working on it in any way. However, according to an insider, it may not be as easy as it seems (not that game development has always been like this, but that this situation is particularly difficult).

During the 146th episode of the Xbox Expansion Pass, Jeff Grubb answered a lot of questions regarding the high-profile departures of Halo Infinite, Tokyo Game Show and, surprisingly, Bloodborne. When asked if anything was happening with the game, Grubb replied that nothing was happening, explaining why this was the case and that it was related to the Elden Ring.

The answer is twofold. The first reason why nothing is being developed for Bloodborne is FromSoftware’s participation in the Elden Ring. This is by far the biggest game from its catalog, and it took the company an incredibly long time to work on it before its release. Now that it’s out, it’s still too busy supporting the game after launch. Indeed, the open-world FromSoftware name has received a number of updates since launch, and this is likely to continue. This is also a possible indication that FromSoftware is working on the Elden Ring DLC (the corresponding part is shown at 58:50 below).

The second reason eliminates the obvious. Since Sony is the owner of the intellectual property, theoretically it can transfer the remaster or remake to another company for work. Given the Remake of Demon’s Souls, many rumors pointed to the developer Bluepoint Games responsible for Bloodborne Remastered or Remake. This is not the case, according to Jeff Grubb, who emphasizes that his understanding here may be a little fuzzy. As far as he understands, due to the fact that the Bloodborne code is so complex and sometimes contains “spaghetti”, FromSoftware, in fact, would have to “rip” any third-party development studio through it. It’s not something you can take and leave anywhere, and it goes back to reason number one: FromSoftware is too busy to do that.

Despite the fact that Elden Ring is incredibly popular, Bloodborne remains one of the most beloved FromSoftware games, and this may disappoint many fans. However, this does not mean that a remaster or remake of Bloodborne will never be released, it’s just that it’s not in development right now. And if something happens to him, it could be years. Focusing on Elden Ring, given how it has dominated games this year, makes sense, but perhaps before moving on to another Souls project, FromSoftware can find time to return to Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is already available for PS4.


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