Bloodborne: meet the surprising playable demake for PS1


Programmer Lilith Walther shared this Saturday (16th) a Bloodborne demake for PS1, a project she has been working on for a while and which is gaining more and more body.

According to the developer, the PS1 version of Bloodborne is in the initial stages of production, and some points considered fundamental are still being revised and redesigned to convey the feeling of “proper navigation”, such as the loading and saving system. Fortunately, one of her videos showed that the rescue flashlight is now complete and is a big step towards maintaining the essence of the original game.

In addition, the possibility of choosing the character’s gender is also being introduced, but at the moment only the voice system is available to differentiate the female from the male. “The basis for character customization is set! Obviously, it will be greatly reduced compared to the original version of Bloodborne, but it is still a feature I want to include,” said Lilith.


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