Bloodborne Has A PC Date… On PS1 Demake Version


Bloodborne: Last week we showed you the prologue to the Bloodborne demake running on PC, and now it’s finally time to meet its release date: on January 31st the PS1-inspired game will hit computers! Check out his ad trailer:

Developer Lilith Walter had already shown us how the fight against Gascoigne turned out and, as in the rest of the project, you can see that everything is very faithful to what we saw in the original PlayStation 4 title, but now with a stylish retro 32 costume. bits!

It’s pretty cool to see how Yharnam and his monsters get just as terrifying in more pixelated versions! In an interview with Kotaku website, Lilith said that she has always found “Soulsborne-style games very retro in the sensations they go through, and I say that as the highest possible compliment.”

If you want to catch up on more of this demake firsthand, you can follow the developer on Twitter or subscribe to her YouTube channel. In the end, it’s at least curious to see the game hitting PCs shortly after Sony announced the PlayStation PC label, isn’t it?

Naturally this project has no official relationship with Sony or From Software, but it should end up generating even more buzz about a Bloodborne port to computers among fans. And you, what did you think of this demake? Would you like to see the original game on PC? Comment below!