Bloodborne ‘Demake’ Showcases Father Gascoigne in PS1 Style


Bloodborne: The nostalgia that is so present in the gaming world these days has resulted in countless reboots, remasters and remakes. But it’s always interesting to see when this nostalgia for simpler times takes a reverse path, in the form of a demake. And that’s why Bloodborne PSX has revealed yet another boss to catch its nostalgic itch. Check out Father Gascoigne in all his PS1 style glory!

The project to create a “PS1 version” of Bloodborne, also known as BBPSX, is spearheaded by Lilith Walther. What calls the most attention is the developer’s care and whim to try to bring the same fluidity and feel of combat that we have in the original game to a blocked version of the times of the first PlayStation.

And this job takes time. The demake has been in development since 2017 and only now we can see one of the game’s most memorable first fights. But the caution is not just about the gameplay and appearance of the game – the soundtrack also went through the time warp to integrate into the nostalgic experience.

The music for the fight with Padre Gascoigne was prepared by TheNobleDemon, in partnership with Walther. The process was done in tandem to integrate the track with the gameplay, ensuring the tracks are adjusted at the right times. It’s the case that the music gets more intense when the boss assumes his werewolf form, for example.

The game still has a lot of work to do and is far from having a release date – if ever. In this fight we see, Walther points out that she still needs to make a lot of adjustments, not only in the visuals, but also in the gameplay.


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