Bloodborne 2: Fan Imagines Sequence With Sensational Scenarios


Bloodborne 2: The Garden of Eyes fan shared on ResetEra an impressive authorial work that presents a concept created for Bloodborne 2, bringing new bosses, game modes, redefining scenarios and much more.

The images shared by the proposal creator bring several interesting points that could be added in a hypothetical Bloodborne sequence, including an arena-style game mode where it is possible to select not only common bosses and enemies to test the skills, but also their quantities in the fight, which can be performed in all the main environments of the original title. In addition, NPCs such as Alfred, Gascoine, Olek, Wallar and others, as well as gameplay modifiers and buffs, are available to be added freely.

The game features a new lore, represented by the rise of the elemental beasts Aziel, the Lost King, Eylah, the Messenger of the Cosmos, Shula the Burned, and Zaar, the Elder of the Storm, all with designs similar to that of Paarl and capable of controlling blood, arcane, fire and other spells. According to the description of the project, “after the events of the first game, the nameless hunter defeated the source of the Dream, the Presence of the Moon, and transcended on a higher plane; inaugurating a new Beginning of Childhood and earning the name Apoteos.”

The biggest highlight of the concept is the addition of a crucial element to make sense of the lore: the Blood Rifts. These resources would enable an unprecedented game dynamic, placing hunters to navigate between the past and the present of Byrgenwerth, Fisherman’s Village, Clock Tower and other regions of Yharnam, clarifying the inhabitants’ past and detailing some possible loose ends of the complex history of Bloodborne. See the trailer below.


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