Blood & Truth, first PS VR game to be updated for PS5


PlayStation London Studio announces gameplay performance and graphics enhancements to PlayStation VR for Sony’s next generation console.

Blood & Truth, one of the most popular PlayStation VR video games for PS4, will be the first virtual reality title to receive improvements for PS5, both graphics and performance, in addition to receiving free DLC on Sony’s next-generation console. This was announced by PlayStation London Studio through a tweet, detailing the different updates that the police action adventure of PlayStation 4 will have on PlayStation 5.

Graphics and performance improvements in VR

Thus, Blood & Truth already has its patch of graphics and performance improvements ready for PS5, a console that, remember, will arrive in Spain on November 19, while in other countries such as the United States it will go on sale tomorrow, 10 of November. But going back to the title update for the new Sony console, it will offer a higher resolution, higher framerate (up to 90 images per second), the models will be updated to higher quality permanently and the textures will be improved with greater detail and definition, among other novelties.

But it is also that those who want to experience the frantic action of Blood & Truth on PS5, will have all the downloadable content for free, with which they will be able to enjoy the best and most complete version of the game from PlayStation London Studio in the new machine completely free of charge.

All those who already have PS VR or think to get a unit for PS5, will have to ask Sony for a special adapter to connect the virtual reality device to the new console that will be sent completely free of charge; All you need to do is indicate the PlayStation VR serial number and a shipping address. Do not hesitate to consult our detailed original analysis of Blood & Truth through the following link.


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