Bloober Team: EU Investments Reveal Two New Projects


Bloober Team: Members of the Reddit Gaming Leaks and Rumors forum revealed this Monday (5) a segment of the official website of Bloober Team that informs projects with financial support from the European Union (EU). Inside the page, two new games, titled Black and Dum Spiro, have yet to be officially announced. Bloober’s crowd has yet to comment on the recent speculation.

The Reddit post cites the H20 project as a third unannounced game. However, as informed by forum users, the game is actually Layers of Fears 2 (2019). So Black and Dum Spiro may have temporary names and descriptions.


According to the game summary on Creative Europe’s website, Black is a first-person horror game with elements of survival, exploration and combat. Set in the Middle Ages, the game will be “a mature story that explores the darker aspects of faith and humanity, with an alien as a catalyst for character development.”

The game will also have tough moral decisions, multiple endings and a stealth system.

from a Spiro

Dum Spiro’s horror narrative takes place in Poland between 1941 and 1944. Within the Litzmannstadt ghetto, established by Nazi Germany, the player will control a prisoner boy who struggles to protect and hide his younger sister.

The game will be first person and will have a “fifth wall break” mechanic. You will have control over all of the boy’s actions and decisions, so the narrative will branch out.

The name Dum Spiro comes from the Latin expression “dum spiro, spero”, which means “While I breathe, I wait”.

The ghost of Silent Hill

To no one’s surprise, none of the projects mention the Silent Hill franchise. The small developer returned to the spotlight last week after confirming a partnership with Konami.

Rumors speculate the brand’s return, mainly due to Bloober’s portfolio. The developer is famous for horror games such as The Medium (2021), Blair Witch (2019), Observer (2017) and Layers of Fears (2016).


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