Blofeld’s disappointing cameo, “No Time to Die,” Was Secretly Brilliant


Blofeld’s “No Time to Die” cameo seemed to waste the 007 franchise favorite, this scene secretly served an important purpose for future appearances in the James Bond series. Whether it’s Agent 007 from “Bond 26” Tom Hardy or, less often, Jean Page, the suave superspy will have a hard time. “It’s Not Time to Die,” Daniel Craig’s swan song about James Bond, became a critical hit that audiences also liked when the long-awaited film finally came out in 2021.

However, despite the positive reviews, “It’s not time to die” is not without drawbacks. Craig’s latest Bond film criminally underused supporting stars such as Ana De Armas, a problem that was compounded by the protracted screening of “No Time to Die.” Among the characters on whom there was no time in the almost three-hour story “No Time to Die” was the fan-favorite villain Blofeld.

The famous Bond enemy Blofeld, who was previously played by Christoph Waltz in “Spectrum”, was one of the most hyped characters who appeared in “No Time to Die”. However, the villain seemed completely superfluous in his brief cameo, appearing only to die quickly when Agent 007 unknowingly infected him with Safin’s killer nanorobots. The scene seemed particularly pointless when the previous film revealed that Blofeld and Bond had a long personal history, leading many people to speculate that Waltz’s villain could potentially be the film’s main antagonist. However, this meant that he was no longer the weak end of the Craig era, so the next 007 films could begin without any missing villains from earlier outings.

Killing Bond Craig, but keeping alive the version of Blofeld he encountered, wouldn’t make any sense in the future, but simply forgetting the villain wouldn’t work either. In order for future James Bond films to bring Paloma back from “No Time to Die,” the franchise first needed to explain why Blofeld is no longer a threat, since the new films obviously take place in the same universe as the previous ones. Now that “No Time to Die” has killed Bond Craig, but also announced that he will return to the screen, the 007 franchise can finally recognize the superspy’s face change by retaining the support of the actors.

However, if a new James Bond were to take Craig’s place and be seen working alongside the same versions of Q, M and Moneypenny that viewers have already seen in Craig’s Bond films, it would make the audience wonder why Blofeld is no longer a threat. . Thus, having decided to kill Bond Craig, the filmmakers made Blofeld’s death a necessity. Just as Michael Madsen’s Damian Falco couldn’t appear again after he appeared in Pierce Brosnan’s latest James Bond movie, a Bond villain with a personal connection to Craig’s 007 agent couldn’t appear in the next movie without reminding viewers of an earlier version of the spy. Thus, Blofeld’s murder became part of the “No Time to Die” prerogative as a James Bond exit, leading to a seemingly pointless cameo.